Amit Khinchi has been carrying forward the legacy of his family since 10 years. Inception of Kathak started in his life at a tender age in his childhood, when he was taught his first dance steps by his father Shri Ghanshyam Khinchi. He later on took admission in the National Institute of Kathak Dance-Kathak Kendra(a constituent unit of Sangeet Natak Academy) and trained rigorously under the guidance of Pt. Rajendra Gangani. While at kendra, he was a scholarship holder all 5 years & is currently is a recioient of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture.

Amit received a silver medal at the Kiran Festival in Katni and holds a graduation degree in Kathak from the Khairagarh University, Madhya Pradesh.

Amit has been fortunate enough to have received the rare opportunities to work with maestros like Padmabhushan Shri Birji Maharaj ji, Kumudni Lakhia, Saroja Vaidyanathan, Madhvi Mudgal, Geetanjali Lal, Rajendra Gangani and many more. He has also availed the opportunity to work with the repertoire of Kathak Kendra. Some of his performances in the country and abroad are as under:

Kathak Mahotsav, Konark Festival, Khajuraho Festival, Mandu Mahotsav, Malhar Festival, Chakradhar Samaroh, Dhauli Mahotsav, Festival of Young Dancers and Musicians, Kala Ghoda ICCR Festivals in China, South Asia, Dubai, U.A.E, Germany etc.

Presently he is working with the Aditi Mangaldas Drishtikon Dance Foundation.

He is also known for his vocal prowess and ability to play percussions well which are truley reflected in his compositions such as the taranas in raag charukesi and raag darbari. His journey as a composer is slowly gaining momentum and will bloom to its fullest with the launch of the music given by him in his production.