' To be whole, to be complete, wildness reminds us what it means to be human... what we are connected to rather than what we are in seperate form.'
- Terry William

Every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise... to balance it.
-George Santayana

The famous 'balance of nature' is the most extraordinary of all cybermetic systems. Left to itself, it is always self regulated. To create a balance God has itself made two equally prominent aspects, be it nature, emotions, expression... natural or the supernatural.

Absence of one creats an imbalance and prevents from being complete. Both the writers above rightly highlight to us the importance of achieving oneness, the significance of revealing in the amalgamation of two seemingly different but fundamentally similar aspects.

'Samantaa', as the name says, refers to the similarities in the two most prestigious gharans of kathak namely Lucknow and Jaipur.

Though these stand as two beautiful houses but the foundation remains the same, though they give different tastes but the dish remains the same.

These two gharanas create a balance as other things in nature do. Where one is a man other is a women, where one is fire other is water, where one is thunderbolt the other is rain, one is sun and the other a moon. Where one is Shiva other is Shakti.

Samantaa aims to bring the beauty and andaaz from Lucknow ans speed and taiyyari from the Jaipur. It comes out to be perfect blend of both the aspects of Kathak which gives completness to the dance form.

Samantaa has given many performances in the country in prestigious festivals like Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Mumbai, Natyaaradhana Festival Shimoga, Drishti Dance Festival Bangalore, Nadam Festival BAngalore, Kathak Yatra Festival Guwhati, Ssangeet Nrityotsav New Delhi.

Samantaa is a team of young dancers and musicians which is dedicated to approach the youth of the country and bring the traditional aspect of the dance form into their hearts and souls.