Trained under the tutelage of the torch bearer of the Kalka Bindadin Gharana of Kathak, Pt. Jai Kishen Maharaj Ji, Shubhi Johari has made heads turn with her swift rise in the art of performing. Currently a member of the Aditi Mangaldas Drishtikon Dance Foundation and also a final year CA student of ICAI, she has been virtually omnipresent at all major dance destivals, across the globe. Her participation in group ensembles include :

Edinburgh International Festival(U.K.), Oz Asia Festival Australia, ICCR Dance Ensemble in Beijing and Shanghai, Kathak Mahotsav, Soorya Festival, Bengaluru International Arts Festival, Konark Festival, Khajuraho Dance Festival, Elephanta festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and many more.

Shubhi has also given sundry solo and duet dance recitals, which have received critical acclaim from maestros like pt. Birju Maharaj.

Shubhi Johari has own the Silver Trophy in the interstate Dance competition that was organized by Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Acedemy, in Lucknow.

An alumni of the pretigious National Institute of Kathak Dance- Kathak Kendra (A constituent unit of Sangeet Natak Academy), from where she completed her Post Diploma and was a scholarship holder throughout, she was also the recipient of the CCRT scholarship ( 5 years) and holds a Visharad from Bhatkhande University.She is presently recieving scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi.

Artists are said to attain completeness when they amass their experience, and create a work of their own, that dwells deep into the realm of their mind, where all their cerative energies lie. Going by this definition, the dance journey of Shubhi Johari came full circle when she established a choreography called 'Utpatti', as a gift to her Guru on his birthday. The choreography very intricately traced the embryonic development of a disciple, and how the Guru moulds the disciple in a way that omits the flaws and brings out the best. It put emphasis on the Guru's role as someone who takes the disciple out of the darkness of the darkness of the cocoon and introduces the world of light to the butterfly.

Shubhi also choreographed a piece called 'Ghunghroo' which revolves around the fundamental entity of Kathak and how all movements find their bedrock and support in Ghunghroo.